Youth Bible Lesson (Genesis 1) God the Creator & Your Creative Life

Use this free Bible study in your youth group ministry to teach about creativity and God the original creator from Genesis 1. The discussion and teaching will help High School and Middle School students realize how their creative nature reflects back on the glory of God.

Teaching Resources:

  • 30 minutes
  • Deep space Webb Telescope picture
  • A picture of DNA
  • One or two Youth supplied musical instruments
  • A page of sheet music
  • Bibles and the students can use their phones to look up scripture

Bible Lesson: God The Creator

“In the beginning God Created”   Genesis 1 Chapter1

The Macro – The Cosmos – Webb Telescope picture (show it)

A tiny piece of the universe was photographed and it has 10,000 galaxies!

The Micro – Molecular – Life’s DNA blueprint (show a picture of the double                                      helix)

                              From seed to infant

Our purpose – “To be fruitful and multiply”  Genesis 1:28

We were Created in the image of God

In the first story of creation, a statement that we were created.  Read                                              Genesis 1:27

“So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

In the second story created from the dirt and God’s breath.  Read Genesis  2:7

“The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed                                       into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

The breath of Life!  Wow!

Scripture Application & Reflection

How Do You Respond

Take a deep breath……

And you respond to the gift of life with thoughts, words, and actions.

With each breath you are making choices on how you will live your life.

How does your life feel today?

Does it feel jumbled and disorganized?


Does it feel creative and full of light and song?

Take a minute to reflect……

Repeat the two questions and ask for a show of hands after each question

So how do we move forward from a life that often feels jumbled and disorganized to one that is creative and full of purpose, light and song?  Let’s use the example of learning to play a musical instrument.

Have one or two of the youth bring a musical instrument that they play (flute, sax, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, French horn).  One that you blow into is the best example.

Ask the student to explain the instrument.  Then ask what powers it?  Breath.  If you just randomly blow into it, what does it do?  Have the youth just blow into it without tuning it.  It just makes a noise.  What is the first thing you always do before you play it.  Tune it to the perfect pitch.  Have the youth tune the instrument using an electronic tool (or other way).  Then you are ready to learn to play it.  And learning to play it takes lots of _______________ and _________________ (instruction and practice).  Have the youth play something if they are willing.

Connecting the Bible to Life: Your Human Instrument

A question for each of you.

How’s your human instrument, your heart?

Do you let God tune it to the perfect pitch?

Have you gotten instruction on how to use it and do you continually practice making it better?

God is the creator.  We are created in god’s image.  Genesis 1:27.  “God saw all he made, and it was good.”  Genesis 1:31.  Do you believe God created you for you to create goodness?

What do you do with your life?

Anyone willing to share?

Do you think something might be missing?

Is your life one of love, compassion, forgiveness and truth?

Do you study the words of Jesus our teacher so your heart can stay in tune?

The Connection With God

You have a connection with God beyond your creation.

The Holy Spirit.

God was again creative when he sent Jesus to us.  Jesus made renewal available to all human beings.

John 20: 21-22. “Again Jesus said, Peace be with you!  As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.  And with that he breathed on them and said, receive the Holy Spirit.”

Is your heart open to the renewing Holy Spirit?

An Action Plan For You

I encourage you.

Ask for instruction through _________?  (Prayer)

Ask to be like Jesus in your actions and words and focus.

Communicate with God.

Ask for guidance.

Don’t let the breath of life be wasted.

If you continue to open your heart to the Holy Spirit, at some point….

You will sight read.  Do you know what sight reading music means?  If one of the youth does let them tell the group.

Explain how a musician at some point no longer has to think about each individual note to play them.  The musician just looks at the score and translates the sheet music into actual sound.  Show a page of sheet music as an example.

Create a short drama of people you might encounter (like a story board) and how you could respond!  Like when Jesus was walking along a road and encountered a person that needed help or was hurting.

A Beautiful Creative Life

Your life can become beautifully creative because the Holy Spirit is involved and you know the Way, The Way of Jesus.

Life becomes much more simple.

You don’t have to think about what God wants you to do.  You see and you act.  You have become in tune with Jesus.  You have the heart of Jesus to be Christ in action through your words and actions.  To be a creative force for God.

You smile when you see people.

You are in tune with God.

You are in tune with the truth.

You become part of God’s Kingdom.

Living a life that is an example for people to see, hear, and feel.

Continually fine tuning your life under the direction of God.

God created you to be creative

Life given by the breath of God.

The Holy Spirit given by Jesus.

You breath in, study and practice to stay in tune and live!

Youth Group Discussion Questions:

1.  What have you created with you life?

  • Joy in friendship
  • Worship
  • Beauty through art, music, words, kindness, compassion……

2.  What will you create with your life?

  • Care for the earth and all the inhabitants
  • Children and a family
  • A giving heart

3.  How do you tune your heart to create goodness?

  • Prayer as a daily conversation
  • Study the Gospels
  • Learn from and follow Jesus

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