Who are You? (Identity Study 1 of 3) Youth Ministry Lesson

This Bible lesson is part 1 or 3 for teenagers on the topic of identity. When it comes to faith formation, there is no time like the teenage years. It is during this time that young people are exploring who they are and what they believe. As youth pastors, our job is to help teenagers find their identity in Jesus Christ. This 3-week youth Bible study will help you do just that. Each week, your group will explore a different topic, including who God is, who we are in Christ, and what our purpose is in life. By the end of the study, your group will have a better understanding of their faith and how it fits into their everyday lives.

Identity Series Lesson 1: Who Are You?

This is a very difficult question for most teens to answer.  Many times when asked the question, you will get the answer, I don’t know!  It’s a tough time for teens.  This series on identity is an opportunity to have them compare and combine how they see themselves with how God and Jesus see them.  And, maybe how they should see each other.


Have everyone bring a handheld mirror to youth group.  Have a few extra for those who forget. Or, have them each go into the bathrooms alone for 2 minutes and look in the mirror (we spend a lot of time in bathrooms looking at ourselves in the mirror).  Give them each a 5 x 7 note card and pencil or pen to complete the task.  If you don’t have enough mirrors you could do a combination of both handhelds and bathrooms.

Task for each youth

Look at the mirror and see your reflection.  Make a list on the note card of what you “see”.  Include both the desirable and any undesirable characteristics and feelings.  Consider do you or don’t you like parts of yourself and the reasons why.

Then ask this question.

Is this list an accurate depiction of who you are and how you feel or is it how you think others see you? 

Maybe both?

There are many mirrors.  Read slowly.  The mirror in the bathroom, the mirror of those around you, the mirror of social media, the mirror of advertising, our internal self judging mirror, the mirror of God

Youth Group Discussion Questions:

  • Does who you are get confusing?
  • Does all this looking in these mirrors make you feel satisfied and complete?
  • Is looking in the mirror in the bathroom multiple times a day a good experience for you?
  • What is the source of your identity?

Parents, friends, social media, athletics, band, possessions…….

Say, Community identity can be helpful if the community has good values and is inclusive.

Print the following assignment to hand out to each youth.

How does God see you?

This week I’m asking you to take a break from all these mirrors.

The mirror in the bathroom                    Just look don’t critique

The mirror of those around you            Refuse to be a part of negative comments

The mirror of social media                     Take a break

The mirror of advertising                       Ignore imbedded ads

Our internal self judging mirror             Only make positive statements or have positive thoughts about yourself (this one  is a challenge)

Consider it a week of rest from all the stress of dwelling on all these reflections.  A vacation!  Except one…..  Find a quiet place once each day and ask yourself, who does God say I am.

Next week we are going to explore through the Bible, Who Does God Say You Are.

Give each youth a 5 x 7 envelop to put their 5 x 7 notecard into.  Have them put their name on the outside.  They will need it for the next two lessons.  Collect the envelopes.

Close in Prayer

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