A New Way of Thinking (Identity Study 3 of 3) Bible Lesson for Teenagers

This Bible lesson is part 3 or 3 for teenagers on the topic of identity. This lesson builds on the previous two weeks and you should plan extra time for youth group discussion.

Identity Series Lesson 3: A New Way of Thinking!

Pass out the 5 x 7 envelopes from the previous week.

Using how God sees you as your mirror (the worksheet answers), go back and add to the positive and maybe cross out some things (that were negative) on the notecard list you wrote when you originally looked in the mirror.

Now create a new and expanded list of “I am ____________” statements about yourself on the front (other side) of the note card.

E.g. I am creative.  I am loved.  I am gifted in music. 

You can draw pictures or icons along with or in place of words.  Like for “I am free” maybe draw a flying bird.  Get some markers and add color to it.  You are a tapestry so you can make it bright!

When they are finished, encourage everyone to share one  “I am” statement.   Repeat the process several times giving everyone a chance to share several.  Important!  Tell them to listen carefully to what each other says.

Now go around the room one by one asking for the group to give one positive “you are” statement about the person that they see.  This can be a powerful positive affirmation for individual youth.  In a loving, caring youth group community, it means they are seen!

After they are finished say something like the following:

This is what I know to be true.  It is why I choose to be your leader and walk with you.

To be free and joyful you need to believe and know you are God created and  Jesus saved.  To continue to grow you will always need to be part of a caring, serving Christian community.


In the past, when you looked in a mirror, was that always a good experience?

Will you think of the word of God as a mirror for you now, or will you still discolor your self image with what the world tells you should believe and how you should look or act?

Close with this song!

Play and or sing the song Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship.  You can find it on U Tube.  It’s a powerful way too close.

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