Connected? Bible Study for Youth Ministry

Use this free Youth Ministry Bible lesson to help teenagers understand what it means to be connected to God and to others. This material is ideal for a High School or Middle School lesson in Sunday School. It could also be used in a Youth Group retreat or Discipleship mentoring time.

Click here to download a word doc version to customize it for your own ministry.

Connection with God is so important in finding acceptance in your life.  Your youth leader has passed out this lesson so you can work through it together.  Hopefully together you will find additional ways and practices to connect with God, your Youth Group community, and others in your greater community.  Know that Christ’s love shines the Way for you.

Lesson Introduction: What does it mean to connect with God?

Spend time with God


          Studying scripture


Those are rock solid and there is more

To be in awe of God’s creation

To be in awe of your existence and the beauty of your body and spirit

Read Luke 5: 6

Where do you get away when you pray? ______________________________

Spiritual Reflection: How do you know you are connecting with God?

When you……

See God at work in your life

Believe God is with you at all times (Kingdom Living)

          When you know it will all work out and you believe it

          Fear and worry subside

Will you commit to one or more of the following ways to connect with God?

Read a Bible verse every week.  You can review the scripture that was used in Worship or at Youth Group or pick your own

Unplug and meditate on God frequently

Pray before meals

Talk to God throughout the day and ask for wisdom in making decisions

Make a list of blessings in your life and review and update it often.  Lets take a minute and start that list






Youth Group Discussion Questions

Anyone willing to share one from their list?

Ask God at the beginning of each day to show you someone you can help with a kind word or smile

Remove barriers like anger so you can be open for God to reach you

Forgive others and forget what others have done to you so God can forgive your sins as in the Lord’s prayer

Any others you think we should add?



Circle the ones you agree to do to get better connected to God over time.

Is all this possible and sustainable by yourself????


Do you need ongoing encouragement and where can you find that encouragement?

How can you connect with God within your Youth Group community?

Share the  “God Moments” you see in your life.  Share how you are working to connect with God.

We learn best by discussing the Bible with each other and by sharing our thoughts and experiences

Be authentic

Participate in youth group and commit to be there for each other

Pray together

Go on a retreat, mission trip, and experience the power of living together and sharing a common God focused experience

Reach out and serve and encourage others together.  Like in a service project

Any other ways?



Can we agree as a youth group on one or more of these?

Circle the ones we agree to do.

Optional:  Make a poster board with the key words on it.

How does love help in building a community with each other and Jesus?

Love is at the heart of God’s blessings

Read John 13: 34-35

Do you want to be loved?  Love is never solitary.  It requires community.

How you can connect with God in the greater Community?

Open your eyes and see the needs of the people around you

Project your light by helping and encouraging others

Share what God is doing in your life

Send a note card or text congratulation to others on their accomplishments

Each week share with a friend where you saw God at work

Tell others when you have prayed for them.  It means a lot for another person to know you see them and care about them

Read Acts 2: 42-47


It is important to be connected to God and also be connected to each other if we want to grow and find acceptance.  To find peace and joy!


Will you commit to take steps to connect with God?  How?

Will you commit to connect with each other at Youth Group?  How?

Will you commit to take steps to connect with others outside of your Youth Group to be encouraging?  How?

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