Indoor and Outdoor Youth Group Games

As youth ministry leaders, we are always looking for new and engaging games to play with our students. But sometimes it’s tough to come up with ideas that work both indoors and outdoors. So today, we’re going to share some of our favorite games that can be played in any setting!

Outdoor Game Ideas for Youth Groups

Gaga ball: a large area or “gaga ball pit” is needed for this dodgeball-like game, in which players try to avoid being hit by (soft) balls while pegging others with them.

Sharks and minnows: There are many variations on this playground classic, all featuring an element of chasing and joining the opposing team of players if caught.

Capture the Flag: This is a fun group game that can also take on various elements, or be played at any time of day!

Duck-duck-goose: it isn’t just for the elementary school playground! Consider thematic variations on this simple tag and chase game, to match a favorite Bible story or activity.

Blob tag: this game begins similar to a typical game of tag; however, when tagged, players join on with the “it” and link up to gather other players (also known as amoeba tag or blob tag).

Indoor Game Ideas for Youth Ministry

Never have I ever: this could be played indoors or outdoors (depending on group size). One student stands in the center of a circle of others and makes a statement regarding something they have never done (“I’ve never broken a bone/been to Mexico/etc.”). All players who have done the named thing will get up and exchange spots (chairs) in the circle with another student who stands up. The last player without a chair is next in the center.

Sardines: This reverse variation on “hide and seek” starts with one person hiding somewhere in the building or play area, and everyone else looking for the hider. When found, the player or players who find the hider will hide along with him/her. Play continues until all or almost all of the players have found the hider and are stuffed in the hiding spot together.

Crab Soccer: This game is best played in a large indoor gym area. Students will play by the same general rules as regular soccer, but will be walking on hands and feet “crab-style” (a larger than usual ball is helpful).

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Share Your Outdoor and Indoor Game Ideas

Outdoor games are a great way to get your students active and moving, but indoor games can be just as fun (and sometimes even more challenging). We hope that this list gives you some new ideas for your next youth group meeting. And don’t forget to leave a comment below to share your favorite games!

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