Simple Icebreaker Games for Youth

Looking for a fun way to get your youth group talking and getting to know each other? Try out our icebreaker games! These games are perfect for helping teenagers build relationships and friendships within the group. From silly and funny games to more serious ones, we have something for everyone. So go ahead and give them a try – your youth group will thank you for it!

Why do youth groups love icebreaker games?

Icebreaker games are a great way to get people to relax and open up. As a youth leaders, you need to help the teenagers break out of their social shell and make friends. Ice breakers are a great solution. They can be a lot of fun, and they help break the ice between people who may not know each other very well. Plus, they’re a great way to start off the meeting or worship service on a positive note. Try the following ideas in your next student ministry meeting.

“Who am I?” Icebreaker Game for Student Ministry

This one gets the entire group involved. Each player receives a sticky note on his or her back, bearing the name of a person (or animal, character, etc.) that they do not know. Select a theme for the names, if desired. Youth group members walk around the room asking questions about what is on their backs, and trying to determine what the person or character is.  

Picto-phone: Icebreaker Game for Youth Groups

This one can take a minute to explain, but is a lot of fun to play! Each student begins the game with a stack of note cards, with each youth group player having the number of cards as total players in the room. To begin, all players draw a picture of something, which could represent a common theme or a chosen phrase of choice. Players then pass the entire stack of cards to the student next to them. After looking at the picture, each student flips the drawing to the bottom of the stack, and on the top card, writes a phrase or title explaining what the picture was. The stack of cards again transfers to the next person in the circle, who reads the phrase, moves the card to the bottom, and draws a picture showing the phrase. Play continues with the stacks of cards being passed and alternating drawing and writing. Once the stack is back to the original owner, observe how the message transformed through the circle.

Alphabet soup: Youth Group Icebreakers for Teenagers

This is a great one to kill time or get mental juices flowing. This one works for large group and small groups. Have the youth group sit in a circle. Choose a common topic, such as foods, Bible characters, or vacation destinations. Beginning with the letter A, the first person should come up with something in that topic that starts with an A. The next student will name an item beginning with “B”, and so on, trying to get through the entire alphabet.

Mobile would you rather: Ice breaker Game for Youth Group

Have all student line up on one end of a room or space. Designate one side of the room or area to be “absolutely agree” and another area to represent “disagree.” Name a preference subject or a “would you rather…” question, and have students move to the part of the room that matches their level of preference or agreement.

Line up according to… Have students split into teams, and challenge them to race to line up in order according to characteristics such as birth month, alphabetized middle names, or number of pets in the house.

Game Ideas for Smaller Groups in Sunday School

Some great game ideas for a smaller youth group in Sunday school include Bible Jeopardy, Name That Bible Story, and Trivia Challenge. These games can help kids learn more about the Bible while also having fun and spending time with friends. Additionally, there are many online resources that offer free or low-cost Sunday school games that can be printed out or played electronically. Whatever games you choose, make sure to keep the learning element front and center so that your students continue to grow in their faith journey.

One great youth group ice breaker game idea for smaller groups in Sunday school is to have a scavenger hunt. You can hide biblical objects around the room or outside and have the kids search for them. This is a great way to get kids engaged and excited about learning more about the Bible. Another fun game idea is to create an obstacle course with Bible-themed elements. This will help kids learn about different stories from the Bible while also having a lot of fun. Whatever games you choose, make sure to emphasize teamwork and cooperation so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Share Your Youth Group Icebreakers

We hope you enjoyed these classic ice breaker games and find them helpful in your youth group setting. Leave a comment below to share your ideas. We love hearing from other youth pastors about what works best in their church’s student ministry.

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