Youth Ministry Lesson on Jeremiah 15:15-21 and Psalm 26:1-8: Finding Hope in Difficult Times

As teenagers, life can be challenging and filled with ups and downs. It’s during these times that our faith can be tested, and we may find ourselves questioning where God is in the midst of our struggles. The Bible provides us with wisdom and encouragement to navigate these difficult seasons. In today’s Sunday school lesson, we will explore Jeremiah 15:15-21 and Psalm 26:1-8, which offer valuable insights on finding hope and strength in God during tough times.

Bible Reading: Jeremiah 15:15-21

“O Lord, you know; remember me and visit me, and take vengeance for me on my persecutors. In your forbearance take me not away; know that for your sake I bear reproach. Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts. I did not sit in the company of revelers, nor did I rejoice; I sat alone, because your hand was upon me, for you had filled me with indignation. Why is my pain unceasing, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? Will you be to me like a deceitful brook, like waters that fail? Therefore thus says the Lord: “If you return, I will restore you, and you shall stand before me. If you utter what is precious, and not what is worthless, you shall be as my mouth. They shall turn to you, but you shall not turn to them. And I will make you to this people a fortified wall of bronze; they will fight against you, but they shall not prevail over you, for I am with you to save you and deliver you, declares the Lord. I will deliver you out of the hand of the wicked, and redeem you from the grasp of the ruthless.”


  • Jeremiah, known as the weeping prophet, was called by God to deliver a message of judgment and impending destruction to the nation of Israel.
  • In the midst of his personal struggles and persecution, Jeremiah turns to God, pouring out his heart and seeking His intervention.
  • Despite his pain, Jeremiah finds solace in God’s words, which bring him joy and become the delight of his heart.
  • Jeremiah chooses to separate himself from sinful influences and remains faithful to God’s calling, even in isolation.
  • He questions why his pain seems unending and expresses his fear of being deceived by false hopes.
  • God responds to Jeremiah’s cry, promising restoration, protection, and deliverance from his enemies.

Youth Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever experienced a time when you felt persecuted or reproached for your faith? How did you respond? Did you turn to God and find solace in His promises?
  2. Jeremiah found joy and delight in God’s words. How can we develop a similar love for the Scriptures? What practices can help us find joy in reading and meditating on God’s Word?
  3. Jeremiah chose to separate himself from sinful influences. In what ways can we guard ourselves against negative influences while still being a light to those around us?
  4. Jeremiah questioned why his pain seemed unending. Have you ever struggled with similar questions during difficult times? How can we trust God’s faithfulness even when our circumstances make it hard to see the bigger picture?

Bible Reading: Psalm 26:1-8

“Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity, and I have trusted in the Lord without wavering. Prove me, O Lord, and try me; test my heart and my mind. For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness. I do not sit with men of falsehood, nor do I consort with hypocrites. I hate the assembly of evildoers, and I will not sit with the wicked. I wash my hands in innocence and go around your altar, O Lord, proclaiming thanksgiving aloud, and telling all your wondrous deeds. O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.”


  • This psalm is a plea for vindication from false accusations.
  • The psalmist asserts his integrity and unwavering trust in the Lord, inviting God to test his heart and mind.
  • The psalmist’s unwavering trust is rooted in God’s steadfast love and faithfulness.
  • He intentionally avoids association with those who engage in falsehood and wickedness.
  • The psalmist declares his love for God’s house, expressing gratitude and proclaiming God’s wondrous deeds

Youth Group Discussion Questions

  1. The psalmist asks God to test his heart and mind. How can we invite God to examine our hearts and reveal any areas of falsehood or hypocrisy in our lives?
  2. In what ways can we actively avoid association with those who engage in falsehood and wickedness?
  3. The psalmist expresses love for God’s house. How can we cultivate a similar love and reverence for the places where we gather to worship and seek God’s presence?
  4. The psalmist proclaims thanksgiving and shares God’s wondrous deeds. How can we incorporate gratitude and sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness into our daily lives?

Youth Group Game: “Faith Obstacle Course”

Create an obstacle course that reflects the challenges and struggles teenagers face in their faith journey. Include physical obstacles as well as stations where participants must answer questions or solve puzzles related to the theme of finding hope and strength in difficult times. Encourage teamwork, perseverance, and reliance on God’s guidance throughout the course.

Closing Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the valuable lessons we have learned today from Jeremiah 15:15-21 and Psalm 26:1-8. Help us to find hope and strength in You during times of trial and persecution. Teach us to delight in Your Word and guard our hearts against influences that lead us away from You. May we trust in Your steadfast love and faithfulness, knowing that You are always with us. Guide us in living lives of integrity and help us to avoid association with falsehood and wickedness. Fill us with a deep love for Your house and a heart of gratitude for Your wondrous deeds. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Remember, dear teenagers, you are not alone in your struggles. God is with you every step of the way, offering hope, strength, and guidance. Keep seeking Him and His Word, and you will find the answers and peace your heart desires. Stay strong in your faith!

Note: The content provided in this lesson is based on Jeremiah 15:15-21 and Psalm 26:1-8 from the Holy Bible.

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