Seed and Plant-Themed Youth Lessons & Activities

It Starts with a Seed…Plant-Themed Youth Activities The Word of God is full of agrarian references. From Old Testament to New, seeds and harvests are a prevalent theme. Plants were a significant element of daily life in the Ancient Middle East, so Jesus used numerous farming analogies in His teachings. In our modern age of fast food chains and xeriscape yards, some of these seed ideas might not be as readily appreciated, but are still well worth exploring. Whether it’s harvest season, a church garden day, or just an occasion needing fun themed elements, consider a plant-based focus for your next youth activities! Use this “event builder” to select various concentrations for games, Bible passages, and more. Choose a few … Read more

Youth Group Activities: Why We Do the Things We Do in Youth Ministry

Youth Group Activities: Student Ministry Ideas for Teenagers at Church

Leading a youth ministry program has the potential to change lives if done well.  It’s about planting seeds that may take years to germinate.  The ministry that is accomplished can be life changing for teens. From Middle School to High School, we only have a few years to reach them for Jesus Christ. As youth leaders we need to carefully consider why we choose to do the things we do at Youth Group.  We need to equip teens with knowledge and engage them in activities that they can use to experience Kingdom living today. We need to explain the “why” to the youth each time we do something.  Repetition is a powerful learning tool.  After you have practiced this explaining … Read more