Volunteer Service Project Ideas for Youth Groups

Volunteer Projects for Teenagers

            Youth groups thrive on fun activities. Special events and seasonal celebrations bring teens together and encourage interaction among peers. Sometimes it feels like these things need to be flashy and exciting in order to engage students and compete with other demands on their attention. We might throw in a devotion or simple Bible study at some point, but the focus is often on the game or event itself. It’s fine to provide entertainment and enjoyable gatherings, but it’s also important to offer volunteer opportunities for servant projects. We can emphasize to our youth that community service is not just about filling in hours for school requirements, but is a way to genuinely serve God and honor others.             The … Read more

Halloween Youth Group Ministry? Handling Controversy and Autumn Youth Activities

As October rolls around, many youth leaders, as well as parents, begin to wonder how to address the topic of Halloween. Children and teens will inevitably encounter celebrations and conversations about the holiday, but how do we handle it in church? Should we ignore it all together, and hope no one asks about it? Are we to shun and decry any recognition of Halloween? Can we discuss it? The approach of Halloween is actually an excellent opportunity to open conversation with teens about culture, tradition, and the danger of the occult. The season is also a great time to celebrate autumn or harvest. Use some of the following activities to talk about Halloween and, if desired, to have fun with … Read more

Addressing Conflict and Cliques in Youth Group Ministry

“You wouldn’t believe what he did to me…”“I’m never talking to her again.”“I hope that one kid isn’t on the trip. He’s weird.” Perhaps you’ve heard statements like this from students in your youth group. Let’s face it: conflict is always going to be present when groups of people try to work together. Humans are sinful creatures, and managing group dynamics is never easy. Teenagers in High School and Middle School are dealing with a lot of social pressure. Remember, relational challenges can seem even greater when it comes to working with hormonal teenagers! Dealing with drama, gossip, fights, and factions is unavoidable in youth ministry. So how do we best handle it? How much can or should we be … Read more

Daily Bible Reading Matters!

Bible Verse for Today

As today’s youth ministry leaders, we need to make sure we are daily engaging with scripture. The Bible can be a great source of wisdom, solace and inspiration, so being in it today is extremely important. We must include scripture as part of our daily routines in order to gain the insight it provides and use its valuable lessons to help direct young people today. We owe it to our youth ministry to stay centered on God’s word today, and remain rooted in the truths of his scripture. Reading a Bible verse today can be such an important way to start each day with spiritual insight. When you read daily scripture, it not only guides you in your day-to-day life, … Read more

Mentoring Adult Volunteers for Youth Ministry

Mentoring Adult Volunteers for Youth Ministry

It’s critical for you to recognize how much you need volunteers to make youth ministry relational and how much they need you. Youth are always watching what adults do and say.  That’s why it’s important to tell volunteers to be authentic.  Explain what it means to be authentic. Every Ministry Volunteer Needs Coaching When they start, most have a lot of apprehension about fitting in and they lack confidence on how to be relational.  Tell them that there isn’t any pressure to know it all.  If they have a question, come to you. Tell each volunteer to park their need to be busy to feel valuable at the door.  That they are contributing by taking an interest in each youth.  … Read more

How to Recruit Youth Ministry Volunteers

How to Recruit Youth Ministry Volunteers

Most adults, including parents, are apprehensive about interacting with a group of youth in “ministry”.  That’s because most think it requires them to be knowledgeable (experts) about the Bible and be able to answer all the youth’s questions.  That’s the first misconception that has to be explained away as a starter in any recruiting discussion.  They need to understand why you need them as a volunteer. What do most youth need today?  Adults to be present, to ask them about their lives, to listen, and to “see” each of them.  This lets the youth know they matter.  Volunteers can show them this because they know their names and ask about what’s going on in their lives.  Adults that show up … Read more

The Value of Adult Volunteers in Youth Ministry

importance of adult volunteers in youth ministry at church

It’s convenient as a Youth Ministry Director to try to do it all yourself.  Because, that’s a quick fix to getting things done.  And it’s your job, right?  You have the passion.  You have the energy.  But the long term result of this approach is burnout and a small group of youth that rely only on you.  That’s limiting. Doing it yourself is an approach that has you ignoring the Way Jesus modeled.  If doing it yourself was the Christian model, then why did Jesus call and equip disciples? Jesus invited disciples to join him in his ministry.  Why did he do it?  Why should you invite adult volunteers to join you in youth ministry?   Make a list of the … Read more

How to Grow the Youth Ministry at Church

Growing a youth group ministry adding new students to your church ministry

All student pastors should want to grow their youth group program. But how can we attract more teenagers to participate in our student ministry? What are the things that cause a youth program to grow? This post will help you make a list of ideas and inspire your own creative thoughts. Ultimately, growing the student ministry means reaching and helping more teenagers to grow spiritually. It’s about making room for the Holy Spirit to work in in the lives of more High School and Middle School students in your community. Hint!  One source for ideas is to ask the youth. Sometimes if the program is small the youth might want to keep it that way!  It can have a comfortable close … Read more

Youth Group Activities: Why We Do the Things We Do in Youth Ministry

Youth Group Activities: Student Ministry Ideas for Teenagers at Church

Leading a youth ministry program has the potential to change lives if done well.  It’s about planting seeds that may take years to germinate.  The ministry that is accomplished can be life changing for teens. From Middle School to High School, we only have a few years to reach them for Jesus Christ. As youth leaders we need to carefully consider why we choose to do the things we do at Youth Group.  We need to equip teens with knowledge and engage them in activities that they can use to experience Kingdom living today. We need to explain the “why” to the youth each time we do something.  Repetition is a powerful learning tool.  After you have practiced this explaining … Read more

Relational Youth Ministry: It Starts with Our Personal Experience of the Bible

relationship with the Bible

How do we share Jesus with young people? As Christians, we know that relational ministry is key. We need to connect with them on a personal level, and show them that we have experienced the love of Jesus Christ firsthand. But how do we do that? It starts with our own personal experience of the Bible. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s so important for us to connect with the Bible on a personal level, and how that will help us minister to others. As a youth group leader, reflect on your own relationship with the Bible. Does reading along in the Bible sometimes turn into reading to get through It? Does reading the words at the same … Read more