Want to be the Greatest? Matthew 18:1-4, Mark 9:33-37, Luke 9:46-48 Youth Bible Study Lesson

Use this free Youth Group lesson in your Teenage Sunday School or Youth Ministry meeting time. It’s perfect for Middle School Students or any High School Bible Study group. Lesson Resources: Scripture Passage: Read one or all Matthew 18:1-4, Mark 9:33-37, Luke 9:46-48 Note:  It’s always good for one of the youth to read the scripture.  It helps bring it into their world.  The word spoken by one of their peers. Jesus defines greatness differently than the world often does.  By pursuing humility and hopefully being humble.  Like a child. A child in Jesus time was without status and rights, dependent on the good will of others. Jesus wants us to be dependent on who? Jesus sees beyond human limiting … Read more