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Halloween Youth Group Ministry? Handling Controversy and Autumn Youth Activities


As October rolls around, many youth leaders, as well as parents, begin to wonder how to address the topic of Halloween. Children and teens will inevitably encounter celebrations and conversations about the holiday, but how do we handle it in church? Should we ignore it all together, and hope no one asks about it? Are we to shun and decry any recognition of Halloween? Can we discuss it? The approach of Halloween is actually an excellent opportunity to open conversation with teens about culture, tradition, and the danger of the occult. The season is also a great time to celebrate autumn or harvest. Use some of the following activities to talk about Halloween and, if desired, to have fun with fall instead!

Opening Questions or Activities: Discuss the following questions before or during activities; if the intention is to focus on fall, select one of the activities as your emphasis instead.

Scripture Focus: Select one particular parable or passage to hone in on, or examine a few verses. If you’d like to focus more on an anti-Halloween campaign, you may wish to look up passages that refer to the occult. The following verses hone in more on the harvest elements.

Games and Additional Activities: Use any combination of the following to have fun with autumn-themed festivities and enjoy the season with students.

Whatever you do and however you celebrate, focus on the joy of fellowship with others, and celebrate the bountiful harvest of all that God gives us. Be mindful of sensitivities and uncertainties but rejoice in the positive elements of why we gather together!  

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