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Seed and Plant-Themed Youth Lessons & Activities


It Starts with a Seed…Plant-Themed Youth Activities

The Word of God is full of agrarian references. From Old Testament to New, seeds and harvests are a prevalent theme. Plants were a significant element of daily life in the Ancient Middle East, so Jesus used numerous farming analogies in His teachings. In our modern age of fast food chains and xeriscape yards, some of these seed ideas might not be as readily appreciated, but are still well worth exploring. Whether it’s harvest season, a church garden day, or just an occasion needing fun themed elements, consider a plant-based focus for your next youth activities! Use this “event builder” to select various concentrations for games, Bible passages, and more. Choose a few items from each category to fit your student needs and group size.

Youth Group Discussion Questions & Lesson Activities:

Incorporate these before or after the main Bible Study component:

Bible Study Lesson & Scripture Focus:

Select one particular parable or passage to hone in on, or examine several verses to note the recurring plant motif. There are many to choose from, including (but not limited to):

Youth Group Games and Ministry Activities:

Celebrate the seeds, plants, and fruits studied with some fun activities that involve components of seeds and fruits. Warning: several of these can get messy!

Whatever you choose to do, celebrate our role as “planted” components of the kingdom of God. Our faith and trust in Him should be continually cultivated and “watered” with His word and Holy Spirit!

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